About Us

Streetwear that tells a story.

In this world, we’re told to stay small. (We’re told just to get a job) To stand in line.  To do what we’re told.  To accept the status quo. 

At LAMD, we dare you to rise above.

We believe in taking risks, making sacrifices, bringing our dreams to life.  We believe in standing out in the crowd, inspiring others, and daring to live our lives to the fullest.  At our core, we’re more than just a streetwear brand dedicated to creating unique, powerful statements through fashion:  We’re a community of dreamers, builders, and doers who are driven to develop growth and create long-term success for each person we encounter.

A New Approach to Streetwear (LAMDS Mission)

LAMD is a small brand created in 2022 by one person willing enough to take a risk. We create premium quality apparel with a focus on inspiring others to push themselves and act towards achieving their dreams.

Our apparel is designed with comfort and style in mind, because looking good also helps you feel good. With vibrant colors and unique designs, each item tells its own story – meaning something special when paired together or worn on its own.

A Commitment to Giving Back

At LAMD, our mission is simple: Help people realize their full potential and spread positivity in a world that needs it. Whether it's providing education or healthcare access, we believe every little bit helps bring progress forward and create positive change in this world. Every purchase from us goes towards helping fund global issues, as 10% of every sale is donated directly to an organization of our choice.

Vision Without Action is Just a Dream

We understand that having goals is not enough - you must have the discipline and courage to take the steps needed to make them happen. You were not born into this world to stand quietly and watch it pass you by.  You were born to live a life as wild, wonderful, and positive as you are.

Reach Higher.  Go Further.  Live Above.